Rent House in Jakarta: This Apps Should be Considered When Trying to Rent a House in Jakarta


Rent House in Jakarta – Renting a house or apartment, usually an option for those who often change residence because of work or family reasons who do not want to buy their own house. Although only temporary, you have to remain careful when choosing a home to rent. However the house or apartment will be your residence for temporary.

rent house in jakarta

Moving from one house to the other house is not easy and can be very tiring. So make sure you and your family feel comfortable occupy the rented home. Quoted from “This Is Money,” this tips should be considered when trying to rent a house. Before deciding to rent a house in Jakarta, consider the following five tips.

Tips Rent House in Jakarta: Survey

Take your time to find out as much information about the house you rent. Ranging from the environment around the home, security, neighbors, access to transportation, facilities around the house (supermarkets, schools, offices) and free floods or not. Wander around the complex home and ask where the information to local residents.

Tips Rent House in Jakarta: Alternative

You must be selective in choosing a house to rent. Provide some candidates and where the best selection and on budget. If interested in an option, do not immediately decided. Check firts carefully, how the condition of the building, drainage, sanitary, doors, windows, and the electricity. If less qualified, you can search for a second or third choice.

Tips Rent House in Jakarta: Negotiations

When finding the desired rental home, you can bargain the price of the rent per month to reduce expenses. Typically, the rental price will be cheaper if you pay for six months to one year to the next. So when have the budget for a year, you should pay rent as well.

Tips Rent House in Jakarta: Facilities

Before the deal price, ask if the rental fee already includes the payment of electricity, water and security. This is to anticipate spending money per month. If the rent does not include such facilities, so you can prepare the money for those needs.

Tips Rent House in Jakarta: Do not hesitate to call if there are problems

Check the condition of the house as thoroughly as possible. Immediately report it to the owner or real estate agent if there is a problem. For example, a wall or a floor that has been cracked, the lights are not lit, the water flow is not smooth or broken fence. Make sure the owner has to fix it before you occupy the house.


If you've done a number of tips above, now is the time to install the application Lamundi. This application will assist you in finding the house that can be rented in Jakarta. Download Lamundi applications in Google Play Store now on the following link. And that's today tips about renting house in Jakarta.

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